The Theatre at Mediacorp

The Theatre

At the heart of Mediacorp’s new home is the The Theatre at Mediacorp, a glamourous venue suited for all kinds of events ranging from world-class performances to corporate events.

theatre Equipped with premium acoustics and the finest production facilities to deliver the best theatre experience, the state-of-the art theatre will play host to a variety of external performances as well as Mediacorp’s very own TV and Radio LIVE shows. With incredibly spacious interior and stunning architectural designs, the 1,500-seater performance venue features tiered seating in its stalls and two circle levels, including removable seats at the lower stall and additional audience sitting space at the orchestra pit for your special needs. And if you fancy rolling out the red carpet to captivate your audience with the most breathtaking entrance, the theatre’s majestic 50-step staircase leading up to a panoramic city view would set the scene for you.

The Audience Experience

Capable of hosting diverse performances and events, including musicals, concerts, award ceremonies, product launches, seminars and intimate corporate functions, the theatre is also designed with an intimate ambience to provide the best audience experience, guests will enjoy close proximity to the stage and excellent vantage views.

Guests can also chill out at the spacious foyer areas for pre-show activities. With a spacious three-level theatre foyer bathed in natural lights pouring through the distinctive floor-to-ceiling windows by day and ambient lighting to enhance the mood at night, the versatile space offers an inviting atrium for a broad range of activities to complement the audience experience.

An Ideal Venue For Hirers

Set the stage for your next live performance with our state-of-the-art features, which includes lighting, visual, audio technologies and acoustical drapery for optimum sound absorption. Fully equipped to meet the best of technical requirements of world-class productions, the The Theatre at Mediacorp is designed to provide an unrivalled level of technical excellence for an enhanced theatre experience.