Getai Challenge 2018 - Grand Final

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MES Theatre at Mediacorp

Show Dates

26 Jul 2018

Show timing

Thursday, 7:30pm

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(excludes booking fee)
$48, $58, $78, $98

GeTai Challenge is a Channel 8 singing competition among current GeTai singers. This program not only aims to capture the essence of our local Getai culture, but also connect better with senior audiences through languages they are most familiar with! At the final, the finalists will battle out for the champion. Besides the exciting singing battles, contestants from the first edition will also take the stage to bring you spectacular performances.

It will be an event filled with excitement and entertainment that you cannot miss. Audiences attending the GeTai Challenge – Grand Final will get to enjoy exclusive segments which will not broadcast on air, like performances by guest artistes, songs in dialect and more. So get your tickets now and witness the birth of GeTai’s conqueror!


《歌台星力量 兴旺发》是8频道第二系列的歌唱比赛节目,参赛者为线上极具实力的歌台歌手。节目的宗旨在于提倡新加坡独具特色的歌台文化。与此同时,节目将加入更精彩、更年轻化的元素,增加年轻一辈发掘歌台魅力的兴趣。在《歌台星力量 兴旺发》大决赛中,歌手们将经历精心策划的挑战,以争夺冠军宝座。除了观赏大决赛歌手的龙争虎斗,第一系列的歌手们也将重返舞台,为观众朋友带来的表演。

精彩的龙争虎斗和丰富的表演,千万不能错过!现场观众还可以观看独家且不会在电视上播出的现场表演,这包括嘉宾艺人的表演、方言歌曲等等。现在就赶快购票,一起在《歌台星力量 兴旺发》大决赛见证歌台霸主的诞生!

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