SPD 真情无障爱
Theater at Mediacorp 

Show Information


MES Theatre at Mediacorp

Show Dates

19 Mar 2017

Show timing

7pm on Channel 8

Ticket prices

By invitation only

SPD 真情无障爱 is a fundraising Live telecast show on Mediacorp Channel 8.  Beneficiaries will share their stories of struggles, triumphs and what keeps them going. 

SPD 真情无障爱 - 19 March Sunday 7pm on Channel 8. The live show will be hosted by Huang Zijiao 黄子佼, Quan Yi Fong 权怡凤 & Lee Teng 李腾. Special guests: 草蜢、黄乙玲、潘玮柏.

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