The Mad Phoenix
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The Theatre at Mediacorp

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13 May 2016 - 15 May 2016

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Fri & Sat : 8pm

Sun : 2pm

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$168  $128  $98  $78  $58  $48 (exclude booking fee)

The Mad Phoenix is based on the tragic life story of the eccentric 20th century Cantonese opera playwright, Kong Yu Kau. The play follows Kong’s life from his rebellious days as the 13th son of an official, to his rise in prominence as the top Cantonese opera songwriter and playwright of his generation, and eventually to his death in the late 70s. Due to his eccentric personality, many were confused whether he was a genius or just simply insane. This earned Kong the nickname, The Mad Phoenix.

《南海十三郎》的故事主要是环绕着一代著名剧作家南海十三郎传奇一生的故事。他原名江誉镠,为清末太史公十三公子,为人孤高不凡,文才出众。集万千宠爱于一身的他,往往做事“与众不同”、“出人意表”、“不惊人,不罢休”,所以有人说他是天才;也有人说他是疯子!他的才华令他成为了二、三十年代的剧坛名编剧及作曲家, 他还能在同一时间编写四个不同的剧本,几个人同时记谱都跟不上他,堪称一代奇才。此剧还通过他对薛觉先、徒弟唐涤生及一见钟情的上海女子莉莉的情感交流,来体现出他为人多情、钟情和专情的一面。

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