Cai Qin Singapore Concert 2017
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The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre

Show Dates

26 Aug 2017

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Ticket prices

$88, $118, $148, $168, $198 (excludes booking fee)

Since Cai Qin's debut “不了情” concert tour in Taiwan in 2007, more than a million faithful fans have attended her various evergreen themed concerts namely 《新不了情》, 《海上良宵》,《好預兆》. Come 26 August, Cai Qin is set to embark on another concert to bring you wonderful memories.

Her latest 蔡琴《百万精华》演唱会2017 in Taipei received overwhelming response, with tickets to all 3 shows being sold out. Showcasing the crème de la crème of Cai Qin’s repertoire, this concert will bring fans on a whirlwind journey of her life story with songs like 《出塞曲》,《读你》,《蝶衣》.

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