aMEI Utopia 2.0 Carnival World Tour Singapore
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Show Information


Singapore Indoor Stadium

Show Dates

09 Jun 2017 - 10 Jun 2017

Show timing

Fri: 8pm

Sat: 8pm

Ticket prices

$98, $148, $198, $238, $288 (excludes booking fee)

Mandopop diva A-Mei (张惠妹) is coming back to Singapore with her brand new tour “aMEI Utopia 2.0 Carnival World Tour 2017”, a follow-up to her previously successful tour “aMEI | AMIT Utopia World Tour” at National Stadium who drew a highly enthusiastic crowd of more than 20,000 people. In this return world tour to commemorate her 20 years of music career, A-Mei decides to move indoor not only to ensure an audiovisual extravaganza, she also aims for more intimacy and to get closer to her fans, in appreciation for their continuous support.

Born Amit Kulilay, A-Mei (or Chang Hui-Mei) comes from the aboriginal Taiwanese decent of Pinuyumayan tribe and is often referred to as the “Pride of Taiwan”. Ever since A-Mei made her debut in 1996, the pop diva has won numerous music awards in the span of her music career such as the Best Asian Artist from Billboard, landed on the cover of Times, and was recently crowned the Best Mandarin Female Singer at Taiwan’s 26th Golden Melody Awards. This queen of vocal has been achieving commercial success via many of her classic pop songs such as Sisters (姊妹), Listen to the Sea (聽海), Holding Hands (牽手) and more. She’s also one of the mentors on China’s highly rated singing competition programme “Sound of My Dream”.

Continuing on the global success of the “aMEI | AMIT Utopia World Tour”, the 44-year-old music icon will be taking things to the next level with “aMEI Utopia 2.0 Carnival 2017”. Expect to see dazzling visual effects, animation, live-action footage, and design, except this time, it’ll be on a grander scale.

Utopia 2.0 is to commemorate A-Mei’s 20th anniversary in the music industry. Fans can look forward to rousing live renditions of A-Mei’s pop and classics, from her latest album to highlights of her past. Continuing her achievements on Utopia, A-Mei will perform all her classic hits from the last 20 years including a special 40-minute remix for the very first time ever in this concert.

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